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Hi Patsy, What a treat how you have captured our Golden Retriever, Bear. She is such a special part of our family and I am looking forward to having your painting of her in our home. I love how you personalize your paintings! I did not realize you have such a comprehensive website and are such a talented artist. Your work is beautiful. Thanks again. Patt Sendejas
Patt Sendejas - 17 Sep 2017
Hi, Patsy! I came across your business card when I was cleaning out my wallet the other day and thought....I have not talked with you in ages! So, I looked to see if you had new paintings posted and read your website and found you're relocating to Florida! How very exciting!!!! I still have two of your pieces hanging in our Master bedroom and one of your pieces in our living room. Wishing you well with all of your endeavors; contact me and we will catch up! Fond memories of our past adventures!!!!!
Deb Stevenson - 9 Sep 2015
To my new plain air (i Florida) friend - Just had a trip through your beautiful website. Your paintings are wonderful - with that ethereal quality that is elusive to so many watercolor artists - but you present it successfully no matter what the subject. Beautiful work! Bobbie Kennedy - 28 March 2015
Bobbie Kennedy - 28 Mar 2015
Hello Patsy. Sharynne Rutherford and family were camping with us several weeks ago in the Sierras, and she told me about your website. Wow, you are truly a very talented and smart lady. These are gorgeous works of art. It has been so long since many of us have seen each other, but the memories are all good.
Diana Stead - 19 Aug 2014
Hi Patsy, Talked to Sharynne Cotton Rutherford yesterday and she told me about your website. Never knew you were such an artist! Your paintings are beautiful and you're one talented lady. Will never forget the fun times we had at SMC. Hope there's another reunion of the Corvettes and Continentals one of these days. Still keep in contact with Jo, Janell, Sharynne and Vicki. Take care, Sharon
Sharon Olson Hazen - 5 May 2014
Hi Patsy...Fooling around on the Internet doing a people search and found you. So glad you posted your photo and recognized you right away. Your water colors are stunning and I vaguely remember you mentioning your interest in the old days (truly miss those years and the fun we had). The years have flown, my friend, and I hope this finds you well and wish you continued success.
Sharrynne Cotton Rutherford - 4 May 2014
Welcome to River Valley Artist's Guild, Bullhead City, AZ. Love your web site...your work is wonderful.
Marlene M. Shand - 3 Feb 2011
My Dear Friend, I am blown away by your talent and your following!! and you wrote a book?? Love, j
Janell Anderson Calhoun - 2 Apr 2010
Wow. Just searching for a Patricia Heller with parents Bart & Ruth (apparently not you) and found your site. I'm an engineer and unfortunately unable to wax poetic about these paintings but your stormy skies painting just flooded my memory with family vacations to Canada when I was a kid. That was very weird and very pleasant as I miss those days dearly. How cool that a painting can do that to someone! I could try to analyze it and figure it out, but I think the time would be best spent just enjoying those memories! Thanks
Keith Carlson - 22 Nov 2009
Hi, Patsy! I bought my first (but not last!) watercolor from you a few years ago. It was the old cowboy sitting in a chair, and I love it more than ever. The lighting and the expression you captured are unmatched. How wonderful to Google you and find your site!
Deana - 26 Sep 2009
We enjoyed browsing through your Gallery of Beautiful paintings....what a variety of subject matter. March 24, 2009
Norma and Oren Cooper - 24 Mar 2009
Wonderful homepage and very nice pictures! Greetings from germany!
Die AquarellWerkstatt (Germany) - 27 Nov 2008
Fan for life;) Love you
Shannon Heller - 2 Oct 2008
I found your watercolor works very inspiring. Another watercolor fan, Mehran
Mehran - 21 Aug 2008
Patsy! As always, your work takes my breath away! I love your colors and the life in your art. I sit here in Stockholm, looking at your work on our walls and I know how fortunate we are to have a piece of your with us.
Marilyn Bojler - 23 Jan 2008
Wow! Beautiful!
Jeff Diamond - 25 Oct 2007
Thanks so much for sharing, Patsy, they are just beautiful.
Betty Scialabba - 4 Oct 2007
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